About the Program



The Department of Political Science and Public Administration combines two constantly interacting social science disciplines; ‘Political Science’ and ‘Management Science’ together in one body.


The target of the department of Political Science and Public Administration is to teach students basic scientific concepts, theories and mindsets so that they are able to examine the operation of political and administrative mechanisms closely with an interdisciplinary approach. The department aims to improve students’ skills in identifying, evaluating and finding solutions to political and administrative problems. The department targets to educate managers of the future who are multifaceted, sophisticated, efficient and influential.




The department of Political Science and Public Administration is an undergraduate program of 4 years. International Relations is a significant discipline that covers states’ interactions in the system of global interstates and interdisciplinary systematics such as Diplomacy, Political History, Public Diplomacy, International Law, International Economics, International Organizations and International Security.


The Department offers various courses. Basic vocational and technical courses such as Constitutional and Administrative Law, Administration and Organization, Local Administration, Urbanization Policy, Public Finance, and Turkish Fiscal System are offered in the Public Administration field. In the field of political science, basic courses such as History of Political Thought, Political Sociology, Turkish Political Development, Comparative Political Systems, Contemporary Political Systems, Democratic Theory, Local Politics and Democracy are offered. In addition, the department offers rich interdisciplinary content with courses such as Sociology, Economics, Macroeconomics, Basic Concepts of Law, Civil Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Public Accounting, Strategic Management and Urban Economics.




Those who choose to complete the Political Science and Public Administration program and want to work as a political scientist or public administrator should:


  • know the concepts, theories and approaches related to fields of Political and Administrative Science as well as be able to identify and explain them.
  • understand and interpret political, administrative, judicial, economic and social changes on a local, national and international level.
  • know about political and administrative systems in Turkey and the world, the how the duration of these systems operates and actors of these systems works, identifies and explain them.
  • have the knowledge and skills that are required for specialism in the field of public administration
  • be able to detect current political and administrative problems and produce alternative solutions with contemporary and innovative perspectives
  • be able to collect and analyze the required data to initiate projects that are to be developed in political, administrative, legal, economic and social areas.