About the Program



The Department of International Relations aims to educate graduates to become honest academics, diplomats, leaders who have gained critical thinking skills and can evaluate the events from different perspectives along with the common values and the spirit of cooperation and will be able to contribute to the future of our country and humanity and who have the features of directing the environment in the right way. The department aims for students to have at least one foreign language.




The department of International Relations is an undergraduate program of 4 years. International Relations is a distinct discipline that embodies interactions of states in the global interstate system: Diplomacy, Political History, Public Diplomacy, International Law, International Economics, International Organizations, International Security, and as such interdisciplinary systematics.


International Relations aims to analyze and explain the events and acts that take place within a state and the impacts of these events on interacted groups within historical perspective regarding their relations with the institutions (private, state, civil society and inter-governmental) that control the interchange in order to envision future politics.

The Department offers various of interdisciplinary courses including International Relations Theory, International Law, Turkish Foreign Policy, Public Diplomacy, Law of States, International Law, International Economics, Political History, Political Science, Sociology (Social Science), Economics. The department also hosts seminars by distinguished scholars, diplomats, politics and practitioners to campus throughout the academic year.



Those who prefer the program of International Relations and aim to work as an Expert of International Relations in should:


  • be in search of truth in light of science
  • be willing to quest, learn and comprehend the knowledge, theories, principles and foundations
  • know at least one foreign language fluently
  • be enthusiastic about learning sub-disciplines such as Diplomacy, Political History, Public Diplomacy, International Economics, International Organizations, International Security and the interdisciplinary relationship between them
  • follow political developments and events
  • develop a spirit of cooperation and a sense of belonging in love and respect to common values with their friends and the environment.
  • be able to communicate effectively and express themselves articulately and effectively
  • be healthy, moral and virtuous.